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Warmly celebrate 2015 Liaoyuan Glass New Year´s party a great success



Gather strength     Accomplish dreams

——Warmly celebrate 2015 Liaoyuan Glass New Year's party a great success

"Phoenix dancing in hamony, we draw a blueprint together;Golden Goat is ready to run,we aim at new peak hand in hand."

Time flies. The year 2014 has walked away from us, and the new year 2015 is approaching towards us step by step. In the New Year's eve, in order to thank all colleagues for their hardwork and dedication over the past year, Liao yuan glass company held a "gather strength · accomplish dream" as the theme of New Year's party in Shiyan Fu garden restaurant on Dec 31,2014.
Colleagues and guests from all parts of the company in a festive, peaceful, warm atmosphere, gathered to celebrate the Year of the Horse brilliant accompliment and hope a prosperous new year.
Party is starting with the song "Let the world filled with love" by sales department.Chairman of the board Gao wu dian,General manager Gao shanshan acompanied with  management proposed a toast to celebrate the New Year,Wittness the growth, gathering the strength.

  A  chorus "let Liao Yuan filled with love" , opened the prelude to the annual celebrating party. Big screen background wall showed growing footprint of LY, LY people expressed the most sincere heartfelt wishes.Accompaning the growth and expansion of business of LY Glass company, our staffs have deepened a sense of belonging and honour. Time goes by,these photographs full of strength  brought back all the memories of LY people, and all exciting songs strike a chord wiht the LY people.

General manager  Gao Shanshan presented the 2014 Work summary and 2015 annual plan deployment report, pointed out that 2015 is the year of  quality and efficiency in the development of LY , LY people must work together to meet the new opportunities and challenges. we have the determination and confidence to create a new era in the history of the LY glass company. Subsequently, excellent staff in 2014 revealed, Gao Shanshan general manager,Lin yong mu deputy general manager awarded them with certificates and prizes in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the company in 2014.


Ø         Visual feast, brilliant

Then versatile LY people  developed their potentials, the art show of each departments pushed the annual party to the climax. Cheerful festive, passionate songs; beautiful, lively, passionate dance; humorous comedy; exciting team display, dedicated on a visual feast for all the guests.The atmosphere was so overwhelming, applause, cheers continued. Innovative programs, fantastic performance interpretated the theme of the annual party---- the "Gather strength   -  Accomplish dreams" , also demonstrates the spirited enthusiasm and ambitions of LY people. In addition, Lucky draw is particularly exciting , cash prizes will be good luck and best wishes to everyone.










Crossed our fingers, wish a prosperous new year.
Real feelings do not change; time and tide wait for no man. 
Youth flying,let us use our hands to construct LY company; Beyond dreams,let us use innovative thinking to make LY company prosperity. 
Finally, the chiefs from all department presented the song "prayer" ,leaded the  annual party to a successful end.




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